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The application

Discover Evia Island is a mobile application,
which aims to promote Evia as an island and Evia's companies.

Discover Evia Island has a triple purpose:

  • To give easy and fast to the user who is staying or visiting Evia, Greek or Foreign, any information needed (Accommodation, food, entertainment, shopping and other information such as Hospitals, Doctors, Pharmacies, Archaeological sites, beaches, Monasteries etc).
  • To contributeto the purchasing interest,and to increase the turnover of participating Businesses through the promotion, the provision of attractive offers and by other mechanisms inside the application.
  • Finally, to give a path to all the local businesses to cooperate in order to growth EviaTourism in qualitative and quantitative terms.

With Discover Evia Island each partner - company, with a very small annual cost (from 8 € / month),can be visible online, having actually acquired a small site on a mobile device that includes: company description, photos, contact information, website , but also a geographic determination that connects to GPS and Maps of handheld devices.At the same time, all the participating companies will be up to date into statistic information’s about the visiting and downloading numbers of the application.

Discover Evia Island will be featured throughout Evia, Athens, the rest of Greece and abroad through:

  • Distribution of brochures
  • Radio stations
  • Social Media
  • Banners
  • Cooperating companies
  • Promotion to Domestic and International Exhibitions

Our company

About us

Our company, Avantis Suites Hotel, placed in Eretria, with years of experience in the field of tourism services, and having noticed the lack of information’s on issues that concern Evia Island and its businesses, created the mobile app Discover Evia island, which uses the latest technology. The mobile app "Discover Evia island" , is technologically supported by Softweb Adaptive I.T. Solutions and its Sales Organization & Development team.

Be our partner

Every company in Evia can easily become a partner with "Discover Evia island" by choosing its basic annual promotion price and the optional bundle offers. You can contact us via E-mail: info@discovereviaisland.com and a sales team man will come in contact with you.

Price list

With "Discover Evia island", each partner company at a very low cost, can be visible online, with a viewing space on every mobile device. Also, with a minimum of additional costs, it is possible to display special offers to their consumers, which is planned to be posted every Thursday.

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Mobile app Discover Evia island, can be downloaded to mobile and tablet with Android, by any user for free, through Play Store search.


Discover Evia island mobile app, can be downloaded to mobile and tablet with iOS from every user for free, through App Store search.

For more informations about the installation of the application, please contact us via E-mail

Contact us

Tel: +30 2229064004

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